Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My first 2 days at Chapman Entertainment

Hi everyone

Well I'm two days into my animator training at Chapman Entertainment and I've already learnt soo much. I'm getting advice and tips via animators who have worked on the likes of Coraline, Corpse Bride and Fantastic Mr Fox. It's just amazing.

So... First day I spent the morning getting used to the puppet (Flash from Rory the Racing Car) I tried a few walking tests.
In the afternoon I moved onto picking up a box. I made it so the box wasn't too heavy, Flash was able to pick it up with one hand.

Second day I worked at trying to show the box had a lot of weight inside which was far to heavy for Flash to lift.
In the afternoon I was asked to try animating two characters walking together. Not as easy as it sounds, I had Flash and Marsha (also from Rory the Racing Car) to work with. I did a great job with Flash but a few niggles with Marsha. I will work on that tomorrow hopefully.

Flash on the set. He's skidding to a halt.

Here is my camera setup in the studio. I wish I had that camera, its awesome!

Next to my studio they are prepping one of the title shots for Rah Rah. I can't help but smile at this place, it's amazing and i can definitely see myself doing this as a career.

Thats all for now guys. Videos will follow by the end of the week.


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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Animator Training - Chapman Entertainment

Hi guys,

Well tomorrow I start a weeks training at Chapman Entertainment. I can't wait to learn more about stop motion animation! Especially from one of the most talented companies in the northwest. They produce the likes of Fifi and the Flowertots and Rory the Racing Car.

They use exactly the same set up as me, so I am looking forward to all their tips and tricks on how I can use the software to my advantage. I will post more on my training as it unfolds through the week.

But for now... Time to sleep so I can be fresh and raring to go tomorrow



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