Monday, 15 March 2010

Factory Dogs - Teaser trailer

Ok, so here is an update on Factory Dogs, I am in full production of the teaser trailer.

This is purely to get the characters out there and make people aware that there is a new stop motion film on its way.

Last week I managed to film 5 shots of the trailer. There are 22 shots in all so I have a way to go yet.

This is the animatic for one of the shots I have filmed. It's 2 seconds long and required a lot of dialogue to work out and animate.

The shot is a replica from a scene in Reservoir Dogs. I am making
a comedy reference to the film.

The dogs are arguing about what colour they are being named.

Below is the finished shot animated with dialogue.

I act out the shot before animating it so I can use it as a reference. Below you will see me acting out the video reference for Bernards walk and next to it, the animated video of the same shot.

More pictures and videos will be coming quick and fast so keep checking back to this blog

Pete Ellis

Scope Animation