Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Factory Dogs makeover and Chapman Entertainment visit

Hi guys, thought I should mention the latest with Factory Dogs and what I have been up to.

Factory Dogs are going through a bit of a makeover. As I am now in pre-production for the full film I need to look at the big picture... Its going to take at least a year of filming to produce the film and the puppets used for the trailer will not last. Also with the film being shot in 3D I want everything to have a nice shine to it.

Pictures will come soon!!!

I was very grateful to be invited to Chapman Entertainment to view their studio and show the guys "Factory Dogs - Teaser Trailer" I received some great feedback from them all and also a lot of tips and advice on things to look at for the full film.

I got to see last weeks rushes of their new pre-school animation series "Rah Rah the noisy Lion" The characters are a lively bunch and the animation is second to none.

The visit was a great success and I thank Chapman for their hospitality

Next for Factory Dogs...

I am making up a new Frederick that will be more agile and last for a full shoot. Expect pictures very soon. Also I will do some extensive 3D tests with him to check my calculations are correct. All very exciting and plenty more to come.

That's all for now, keep checking my posts for more updates