Monday, 26 July 2010

Animating the trailer

Hi everyone

I thought I should show you how I got on with animating the teaser trailer for "Factory Dogs"

It was a 10 week filming period, animating on a good day around 2-3 seconds.

This is a production shot from the opening scene in the trailer.
It was a fun shot to shoot as I had to change focus from Dermot in the foreground to Big Dean in the background. As you can see the wall was a print photographed at a carpet factory. Quite fitting as my production is "Factory Dogs"

This is the keypad used to speed up the animation process. the shortcuts for Stop Motion Pro 7 are added to the pad. I then add my designed icons to make it easier to remember which buttons to press. Its also a wireless mouse so I can move it anywhere and not need to go back and forth to my computer.

Stop Motion Pro has become an integral part to my filming. With added features like "Rig removal" in Studio 7. I am able to make any character or object fly and just rub out the rig in post production right from SMP. I can then export the movie with or without the rig. Visit their site for more details
This is a production shot of me animating Norman filing his nails. Quite a tricky shot as the camera was being moved from left to right on a dolly, Being moved very slightly for every shot.
In the background you might just be able to make out a tiny bit of the storyboard. This is the blueprint before I start animating and shows me exactly what I am trying to achieve in the shot.
Thanks for tuning in. I will post many more production pictures and maybe a few videos in my next post. Hope you found it interesting and please sign up to Factory Dogs website
Bye for now

Friday, 23 July 2010

News Feed -

Thanks to Marc Spess I have been given a lovely news feed on his Animation site.

I would like to thank everyone who has commented on the newsfeed. It makes me feel like i'm doing something right