Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Welcome to "Factory Dogs" very own blog

Hi guys. Welcome to "Factory Dogs" very own blog

I have recently set up my own animation company called "Scope Animation" specialising in Stop-Motion short films.

The process is similar to "Wallace and Gromit". Each second of film consists of 24 individual photographs of the model. The model is moved slightly by the animator, so that when it is played back in sequence, it gives the effect of live movement.

I have set up this blog to give everyone an insight into the long process that goes into making an animated film. Stop-Motion animation isn't like any normal film you will see in the pictures, you have to create the characters, sets and props before you begin filming. This may not be too much of a problem for the big companies like Aardman Animation and local company Cosgrove Hall to do, because they have a big budget and a company to make their models, sets and props for them.

As for "Scope Animation"... its just ME! I design and create all the characters, sets and props right down to the most minuscule detail. It is a very long and drawn out process and it can only be achieved by hard work and dedication.

So... please enjoy reading my blogs and keeping up to date with my film. I certainly hope I can break the mold and prove that it isn't just the big companies like Aardman who can produce a good quality family animated adventure!

Thank you for your continued support


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